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Full-Time Faculty

Name Position Phone Email
Patricia E. Salkin Dean and Professor of Law
Harold I. Abramson Professor of Law 631-761-7110
Sarah Adams-Schoen Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Institute on Land Use & Sustainable Development Law 631-761-7137
Fabio Arcila, Jr. Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship and Professor of Law 631-761-7111
Marianne Artusio Associate Professor of Law, Director the Elder Law Clinic, Faculty Director of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Advocacy Board 631-761-7090
Myra Berman Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7114
William M. Brooks Professor of Law; Director of the Civil Rights Litigation Clinic 631-761-7086
Rodger Citron Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law 631-761-7102
Shawn M. Crincoli Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7183
Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus Professor of Law and Director of Academic Development and Bar Programs 631-761-7116
Peter Davis Associate Professor Emeritus 631-761-7117
Daniel Derby Professor of Law 631-761-7118
Joan Foley Kermit Gitenstein Distinguished Professor of Health Law & Policy 631-761-7181
Howard Glickstein Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law 631-761-7120
Jack Graves Professor of Law and Director of Digital Legal Education 631-761-7121
Louise Harmon Professor Emeritus
Stephen Hochberg Founding Associate Professor of Law
Eileen Kaufman Professor of Law 631-761-7125
Deseriee Kennedy Professor of Law 631-761-7093
Richard Daniel Klein Bruce K. Gould Distinguished Professor of Law 631-761-7126
Lynne Adair Kramer Director of the Court Observation Program, Adjunct Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Trial Team Competition Board 631-761-7127
Sidney Kwestel Professor of Law 631-761-7128
Leon D. Lazer Professor of Law 631-761-7129
Samuel J. Levine Professor of Law and Director of the Jewish Law Institute 631-761-7138
Michael Lewyn Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7124
Tracy McGaugh Norton Associate Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7184
Beverly McQueary Smith Professor Emeritus of Advocacy
Heather Karmin Melniker Associate Professor of Legal Process, Coordinator of Legal Process and Faculty Director of the Moot Court Advocacy Board 631-761-7132
Meredith R. Miller Associate Professor of Law and Director of Solo & Small Practice Initiatives 631-761-7133
Jeffrey Morris Professor of Law 631-761-7135
Ann L. Nowak Director of the Writing Center 631-761-7182
Sharon A. Pocock Associate Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7136
Deborah W. Post Professor of Law 631-761-7134
Lawrence Raful Professor of Law 631-761-7123
Benjamin R. Rajotte Assistant Professor of Law, Director of the Disaster Relief Clinic 631-761-7024
Leif Rubinstein Assistant Professor of Law, Acting Director of Clinical Programs, Director of the Mortgage Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Clinic, Director of the Advanced 631-761-7091
Douglas D. Scherer Professor of Law and Director of the Legal Education Access Program 631-761-7140
April Schwartz Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Gould Law Library 631-761-7151
Martin A. Schwartz Professor of Law 631-761-7141
Thomas A. Schweitzer Professor of Law 631-761-7142
Rena C. Seplowitz Professor of Law 631-761-7143
Gary M. Shaw Professor of Law 631-761-7099
Marjorie A. Silver Professor of Law 631-761-7144
Theodore Silver Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7145
Lewis Silverman Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Family Law Clinic 631-761-7092
Dan Subotnik Professor of Law 631-761-7146
Peter A. Zablotsky Professor of Law 631-761-7148
Michelle Zakarin Associate Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7149