Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Michael Morales knew that he would pursue an engineering career before he even graduated from high school. He didn’t know that his love for technology coupled with his passion for researching, analyzing, and synthesizing information would lead him to law school and, ultimately, securing a job as a lawyer.

After graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2014, he began working as an engineer. Michael stated, “Engineering was great, but I always felt there was something missing. I decided that pursuing a law degree, with a focus on patent law, was a perfect balance between my passion for technology and love for learning.”

Michael applied to Touro and enrolled in the part-time division. He said he felt intimated at first but quickly overcame that by becoming absorbed in learning the law. After receiving his first grade in law school, an A+ in his Legal Process class, he finally felt his hard work and endless nights of research were worth the effort. He got excited about the prospect of the future at Touro Law and beyond.

Michael’s dedication to his studies were rewarded beyond his GPA. He was elected Editor-in-Chief of the Touro Law Review. He joined the Law Review as an evening student and found success, even getting an article published early as a result of his hard work. He accepted the job as Editor-in-Chief and decided to cut his full-time work schedule to part-time to ensure he was giving enough time to his studies and Law Review.

Beyond success in school, Michael secured a post-graduate job in the exact field he was pursuing. “I had a summer associate position at Boston-based Ropes & Gray, LLP in the Manhattan office. I really liked the firm and the work and saw great potential to be able to utilize my background in engineering and legal studies,” Michael said. “I can’t wait to begin working as an associate in their intellectual property litigation practice.”

Michael is happy he decided to attend law school and, more specifically, Touro Law. He commented, “Many faculty, staff, and administration members go out of their way to grow strong personal relationships with students. All of them are genuinely interested in student success and take time out of their lives to help students. I now consider many of them lifelong mentors and friends.”

As for offering advice to prospective students, Michael said, “You need to be dedicated to making this educational experience all that it can be. Prioritize your obligations and responsibilities to ensure your success. This is your opportunity to make your life better, and you need to do it for yourself.”



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